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Encounters in Sydney South Africa New York Melbourne London Dubai Canada Ireland

2. Data Domination or Ruination


continued from part 1


Solving Issues:

In our previous article, we discussed the common problems we have come into when helping clients build robust data management processes. These problems can be a mountain to climb but there are some basic considerations when starting your data-driven marketing journey.

Although no single solution fits all organisations there are a few basic steps that will help an SMME create better data.

Steps to success:

  • Planning
    • Strategising
  • Conceptualising
    • Determining
  • Specifying
  • Connecting
  • Understanding
  • Application


Essential to all business processes, planning is no different in collecting data across an organisation – please note how we say, “across the organization”. This means having ALL relevant parties involved in the planning process.

How do you determine these parties?

Well, who generates data? The answer – probably 90% of your organization. This would, of course, become problematic if you have many departments so I suggest the following people

  • MD, CEO, Person at the top
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales team lead
  • Sales rep
  • Data Compliance Officer or legal lead in compliance

This should then work something like this:

  • MD/CEO etc – this is our business, this is our mission. This is what we do, why we do it and how we expect it to be done. (Business Strategy).
  • Head of Marketing – these are the products/services we sell. These are the people we want to reach and the message we want to get to potential and current customers.
  • Head of sales – these are the products/services we sell. This is how we sell them. This is why our clients say they like/dislike our products/services.
  • Sales team lead – our sales team often ask for information around…(list them)… and feedback that…(list them)
  • Sales rep – the most common questions we get from clients include…(list them) and top barriers to entry include…(list them)
  • Data Compliance Officer or legal lead on compliance – given the way we advertise, market and manage our clients and prospects we need the following to protect ourselves and our clients

This style of interaction should give everyone who will be part of using the data better insight into one another’s processes and needs within the organization.

In general, you should follow this with a brief strategy session whereby you determine potential crossovers, suggested KPIs and understand the different systems and software the business units use.

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