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using Gamification for your business

Engage your audience through the exciting world of gamification and social media

The term “gamification” has become a trendy word within the past few years and it entails combining game mechanics into a digital experience in order to engage users. 

The purpose and benefit of creating an app that involves gaming is to boost brand awareness as people discover and play the game. It can also be promoted on social media in order to reach more people and spread the word.

The key to good gamification is simplicity. It might sometimes be a difficult task for a mobile app developer to create a game that isn’t complicated for the user. But it is of the utmost importance to get this right as it will pay off in the long run. Users appreciate apps that are easy to navigate and understand.

Additionally, users of your app will most likely want recognition for their efforts and commitment. Having the ability to show off their achievements helps in the acquiring of new users by creating awareness of the game, as well as keeping and further engaging the users already present. Including social media looping into your app is also a good idea as it creates the ability to allow users to show off their skills and achievements on different social media platforms. You could even go one step further by implementing the option to invite friends to play as well, making it even more engaging because the competition will be among friends and not just strangers.

Businesses who are already using gamification, such as Nike, as a way to engage their audiences have had considerable success and they are now taking it a step further by combining game mechanics with social media, which has resulted in some of the most effective marketing campaigns in recent memory. 

Gamification is typically not a traditional tool of marketing, which makes it something exciting! The beauty of gamification is that it can be used by literally any business or brand that has a social media presence because it is all about creating brand awareness through people playing the game and getting them invested and involved. It can also be adjusted to suit any budget as games don’t need to be expensive and complicated, they just need to be engaging.

In order to secure long-term success, however, it is required that you make use of this effective social media strategy to achieve improved audience engagement. Audience engagement is essential to any long-term social strategy as each time someone interacts with your brand, overall awareness of your brand is increased, resulting in more exposure. Gamification is a tactical social strategy that has been proven to be highly fruitful in growing the marketing campaign of brands that market on social media. By making use of this exciting medium, businesses can offer their audiences something remarkable and attention-grabbing while amplifying their brand name and content on social networks. 

Gamification also provides immense opportunity to help engage your audience on social media. Through gamification you can create fun experiences, resulting in long-term and engaging relationships as well as motivating your audience to actively participate which facilitates in generating an emotional connection and increasing loyalty towards your brand. It also allows businesses to demonstrate a myriad of creative elements, encouraging audiences to get involved and invest their time in something that they feel is rewarding and that they enjoy doing.

There are different manners in which users participate on social media, some are competitive, while others are co-operative and some tend to be expressive or explorative. Gamification can be tailored to suit in order to cater to all audiences. 

When appealing to certain characteristics of a gameplay audience, look for what motivates them. Rewards for players represent a large portion of the success of gamification as this resonates with them on both an emotional and physical level as dopamine is released when one receives a reward. Another is timing. Urgency is a motivator and can be used to your advantage. Apps and website offers can be gamified with the use of a time element in order to increase urgency and excitement as well as engagement. Competitiveness is also a strong motivating factor as people enjoy receiving points, badges, rewards as a result of their hard work. It is rewarding and provides a sense of accomplishment. It also fulfils people’s different motivations and needs for interaction or self-expression.

If you are looking to create a memorable social campaign, the use of gamification in the social media space is innovative and something to pay attention to. When your brand starts to incorporate gamification as a part of their social media presence, people take notice and start to consider your business as forward-thinking. It has the potential to stimulate conversation among clients, resulting in people being more engaged and invested in your content as well as your brand.

So why not take the opportunity to use gamification in conjunction with social media to make a lasting impact on the way people perceive your brand. After all, it’s currently digitally the most effective way to market your business right now.

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