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Encounters in Sydney South Africa New York Melbourne London Dubai Canada Ireland

Everything You Need To Know About TikTok In 2021

Despite TikTok’s major success early on, the app still feels like a bit of a mystery to those interested in using it for marketing purposes. Until recently, not much was known about the wildly popular social media app TikTok. In fact, since launching in 2018, Byte Dance, its parent company, wasn’t very fond of disclosing many metrics at all. All we really knew up until recently was that the app went viral and managed to top global app download charts, mostly thanks to a huge ongoing Gen Z fanbase. 

But now, thanks to sites like Influencer Marketing Hub, CNBC and many others, we know a lot more.

To help you make informed decisions about your social media strategy and whether or not TikTok might be a good fit for your brand, we’ve put together a list of stats to read before diving into the app to see for yourself.

TikTok stats to know in 2021

While TikTok is less transparent about its revenue when compared to other social media platforms, here’s what we do know for sure. The app now offers five advertising tiers, mostly aimed at big brands. One of which is the branded hashtag challenge which reportedly costs 150,000 dollars per week!

Despite the launch of TikTok For Business back in 2020, there still remains a lot to be seen when it comes to TikTok as a company and its major metrics. However, as the company continues to attract more advertisers, it’s likely that it will start to reveal more and more information relating to the app and its user base over time.

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